Latest Press Release

‘Nottingham Students defy the freeze to continue their fight for Higher Education’

Despite the snow and the heating being turned off, Nottingham Students are occupying the Great Hall in the Trent Building of Nottingham University, for a second day since Tuesday afternoon. Following a general meeting at 1pm today, the students are organising a programme of alternative education, film screenings, workshops and talks, while encouraging regular classes to continue within the space. The occupiers claim that they have doubled in number over the past 24 hours.

This action is part of a larger national student campaign taking place on campuses across the country, against proposed cuts to HE funding and fee hikes. The students are demanding that their university lobby the Russell Group and the government to change their stance and to issue a statement condemning all cuts to Higher Education, EMA and the rise in tuition fees. They have also demanded that The University implement a complete open book policy with regards to existing budget constraints, and ensure no redundancies for teaching, research or support staff.

After an unsuccessful attempt by the campaign to have a face to face meeting with university management last week, the students decided that they had no alternative but to pursue further action in an effort to defend Higher Education and the right to education for all. Since the Registrar made a statement yesterday, no further communication from the university management has been received, despite ongoing attempts by the students to initiate a dialogue.

They have been joined by students from Nottingham Trent University, Bilborough College, Djanogly City Academy and Sixth Form, and New College Nottingham. Tom Anderton from Bilborough College said that he is here because “I’ve received hundreds of emails from students on EMA who are afraid that without it, they will be unable to go to college and tuition fee rises to £9,000 would make it impossible to go to university.”


3 responses to “Latest Press Release

  1. nottingham postgrad

    I came to the meeting today at 1pm just to listen and have never heard such ineloquent speakers, poor organisation and lack of intelligence.
    It took around 2 hours to achieve nothing, good points that were raised went largely ignored & organizers seem to mistakenly think they are representative of Nottingham students.
    They are not representative. Get out of our Great Hall, stop embarrassing fellow students by claiming to represent us. The rest of us who are angry about the Education cuts and Tuition fees rise now have a bunch of idiots as the face of the movement. Listen to the NUS and listen to the SU. They represent us, not you. So get off your pedestal and pipe down.
    Its not that people ‘haven’t heard’ whats happening. It’s that they don’t care, and don’t support you.

  2. Unsurprising comment from a coward there. Occupations are not about “representation”, but presentation. Stand up for yourself, rather than relying on ineffective and entrenched representatives to do it for you. It is true that our university often appears largely right-wing or apathetic, so if the majority of students don’t support the occupation or don’t care, that is no reason for the occupation to stop. In fact, it means that our own SU, which rarely does anything at all and seems more like a secondary school council than a collection of informed adults, is part of the problem. The occupation is a protest against their inaction, against their ‘fighting for their slavery as if it were freedom’. None of this lack of support from the majority of students really troubles me though. I don’t mean this as a hyperbolic comparison, but consider the French resistance. The majority of French people didn’t join the resistance, it was a very, very small group of people. Movements are often like that, they consist of those who are brave enough to stand up in the face of a crowd that, to their own detriment, is either scared or apathetic.

  3. Joseph Clough

    Dear Nottingham Postgrad.
    Please can you organise a protest against the cuts and fees that you are angry about. If you feel that these people are not representative, then please can you get together the students and you can be the face of our movement. Until then, please dont write comments such as this criticising other people, get your own protest and stop being apathetic.

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