Occupation Events & Activities

1 December 2010

11.00 – Media, Politics and Activism – Hich Yezza (Editor of Ceasefire Magazine)

13.00-14.00 – General meeting

14.00-16.00 – Workshop by Joel Linares

16.00-18.00 – Dance Off!

20:00 – University bows down and the conservative government steps down!

2 December 2010

13.00-14.00 – General meeting

18:00 – Marxist film screening


5 responses to “Occupation Events & Activities

  1. Might not be as early as 2 with Joel: we will be over at some point, however!

  2. To anyone who may (justifiably as it is one of the few events posted) take the ‘marxist film screening’ event as a sign that we are a marxist group:
    This issue was raised at the general meeting today and I would like to comment that this is not at all the case-the group who proposed to have their regular screening in the occupation were welcomed for their solidarity as anyone else proposing events or activities would be.
    We are currently timetabling loooaaads more activities for tomorrow and Friday, the following will soon be confirmed; 3 o’clock seminar on human rights, poster and banner making, pct school and community workers coming to speak, live pianist Friday from 1600, various bands hoping to come, La Haine being screened tomorrow from 2030 and much more! These will soon be properly posted in order and confirmed times.

  3. donald hislop

    congratulations on your action.
    solidarity from a university lecturer opposed to the new system of education funding

  4. loads more events and activities confirmed for the 2nd guys! details to come shortly!!

  5. Lecturer Antoni Kapcia coming to talk about Latin American student movements and their significance, today, 1230-1300

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