Solidarity from Venezuelan education activists

Venezuelan critical pedagogy activist Joel Linares just came and held a discussion about resistance and the struggle for making education free and accessible to all. We talked about the exciting situation in Venezuela, their 500 years of struggle, and the situation here in the UK with the national student resistance against the cuts. There were songs, guitars, and inspiring oration!

We’re still here, everyone is still free to come and go, there’s food and bonhomie. Upcoming stuff includes a dance-off this evening and several film screenings!


3 responses to “Solidarity from Venezuelan education activists

  1. Your efforts have totally lost my respect by having a supporter of Chavez’s fascist regime speaking, if that’s the kind of future your fighting for, you can forget my support.

  2. That there are problems with Chavez’s regime cannot be denied. But it is a government that has been democratically elected and it is a government that Joel himself has criticised. He works as a grassroots activist allowing communities to have a say on how their services are delivered and on how services are delivered to them. That is not fascism.

    But I will allow the readers of this to make their own minds up. Here is a link to the trailer for a film on Venezuela which Joel appears in, and which was described by the BBC’s former Latin America analyst Sue Branford as:

    “A lively, well-researched documentary which pulls off that most difficult of tasks – an honest account of the achievements and the weaknesses of the Chavez government.”

  3. Sorry, ‘what services they need and how best to deliver them’.

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