Message of support from the School of History

As academics, teachers, researchers and postgraduate students in the School of History at the University of Nottingham, we wish to express our support for the peaceful direct action recently ended and for the continuing efforts of our students, in alliance with academic staff and concerned citizens of all ages from local communities, to make their voices heard and have their concerns taken into account at this crucial moment for the future of higher education. We urge the University to take note of their demands and the Vice-Chancellor to express opposition to the current government’s destructive agenda for higher education.

Dr. Nick Baron
Dr. Daniel Hucker
Dr. Gwilym Dodd
Dr. Joe Merton
Dr. Spencer Mawby
Dr. Claire Taylor
Dr. Rob Lutton
Robert Hearn
Faye Taylor
Dr. Karen Adler, Member of Senate
Andru Chiorean
Mathew Phillips
Mathew Longland
Prof. Chris Wrigley
Dr. Sarah Browne
Dr Ross Balzaretti
Theresa Tyers
Dr. David Appleby
Rosemary Muge
Olga Bertelsen
Anne Woodcock

One response to “Message of support from the School of History

  1. Anne Woodcock

    Add my name to those from the School of History. I am a mature postgraduate research student.

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