Daily Archives: 06/12/2010

Message of support from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures

The undersigned academic and administrative staff in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures fully support students in their protests against 80% cuts in public funding of Arts and Humanities subjects taught in universities and against the plans to introduce £6000 to £9000 fees per annum for university students in England starting in 2012. This is no policy for a modern, civilized, democratic society. The plans are extremely retrogressive and are being rushed through Parliament without due consideration for the numerous pernicious consequences, by individuals who themselves paid no university fees. This is an attack on university culture as developed in this country for over more than a century.

Leilani April
Professor Stephen Bamforth
Dr Heike Bartel
Dr Mike Berry
Jill Bramston
Professor Rosemary Chapman
Janice Clark
Dr Mac Daly
Professor Catherine Davies
Dr Suzanne Dow
Mary Ellerby
Dr Elizabeth Evans
Dr Rebecca Ford
Dr Siggy Frank
Dr Mark Gallagher
Christopher Gardiner
Professor Dirk Gottsche
Dr Eduardo Guevara
Dr Zahera Harb
Sangeeta Handa
James Haywood
Dr Nicki Hitchcott
Professor Andrew Hoskins
Anne Howe
Professor Chris Johnson
Professor Tony Kapcia
Jane Kerrigan
Catherine Lovesy
Dr John Marks
Professor Bernard McGuirk
Dr Polly McMichael
Dr Ahmed Meliebary
Dr Bram Mertens
Dr Franziska Meyer
Professor Mark Millington
Dr Rachel Palfreyman
Dr Tracey Potts
Dr Jeremy Roe
Frank Ruf
Sue Ruszczynski
Heather Savage
Dr Katherine Shingler
Dr Gareth Stockey
Professor Matthias Uecker
Lindsay Wilmshurst-Smith
Dr Xiaohui Yuan
Dr David Norris
Dr Vladislava Ribnikar