Message of support from the School of Politics and International Relations

The undersigned staff and postgraduate researchers in the School of Politics and International Relations fully support students in their peaceful protests against cuts in public funding for Further and Higher Education as well as the planned introduction of up to £9000 tuition fees per annum for university students in England. This is a further erosion of the culture and society of higher education and intensifies the process of commodification by subjecting education to the interests of the market. We urge the Vice-Chancellor to express opposition to the current government’s destructive agenda for higher education.

David Bell
Prof. Andreas Bieler
Michael Brodie
Dr. Tony Burns
Peter S. Cruttenden
Deirdre Duffy
Ertan Erol
Dr. Catherine Gegout
Chris Hesketh
Maria Urbina Montana
Dr. Adam Morton
Dr. Vanessa Pupavac
Dr. Matthew Rendall
Dr. Bettina Renz
Elif Uzgoren

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