Solidarity from Mexico

To our British sisters and brothers in struggle

Please welcome our solidarity from Mexico. We have known about the heroic struggle you are undertaking in defense of free education in your country, and we salute it enthusiastically. In Mexico, same as in the rest of the world, we all suffer from the attacks to public education from a government working for the big capitalistic groups. Recently, our government has decided to allocate a large portion of the budget for education to the absurd war against the narco that has led to the murder of thousands of citizens, the majority of them being youngsters. The struggle you are leading is an example for students that fight against state policies to restrict access to education to millions of young people all around the world.

We will stay alert about your struggle and we are here for all the support we can offer to you from Mexico.

Revolutionary greetings for you all!

Students of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Mexico (POS-México)


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