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Reflecting Back and Looking Forward!

Reflecting back – Thursday’s Demo in London

Nottingham Students against Fees and Cuts would like to thank everyone who came on our coaches down to the big demonstration in London on Thursday the 9th of December. The 35,000 who peacefully marched and gathered in Parliament Square (where they were then kettled) sent a clear message to this government that the passionate fight against the ludicrous fees and savage cuts will continue.  Media coverage has focused disproportionately on the incident involving the royals and has paid little attention to the fact that one protester needed emergency brain surgery after being hit by the police while another was dragged from his wheel chair. We thought these links about the day were interesting:

Press conference that deals with issue of police/protester “violence”:


BBC Newsnight coverage:


Protester needing brain surgery:


Interview with and article by protester who was pulled from his wheelchair:



Article that assesses the media bias:


Looking forward – the New Year!

Nottingham Students against Fees and Cuts have been excitedly planning the events, activities, workshops and actions that will take place in the New Year. Anyone who has ideas, energy, time and passion is encouraged to email nsafac@gmail.com to get involved. By working with students, lecturers, pupils, teachers, trade unions, parents and workers from across Nottingham we intend to continue to build and be a part of a movement that will inevitably defeat this Con-Dem-ned government and their vicious plans to destroy education and the public sector.

Enjoy the end of year celebrations everyone and remember, we will fight and we will win!