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Boycott the National Student Survey

Dear students,

We are asking that all eligible HE students boycott the National Student Survey by ‘spoiling’ their results.


Universities’ financial income and application rates are heavily affected by the results of the survey. Also, the completion of satisfaction surveys puts us in a role we refuse – that of customer. Our profound and voiced disagreement with the current direction that education is taking – in terms of fees, cuts and commodification – has been ignored so a strategy needs to be tried that is public and hits their pocket.


Complete the survey giving all neutral results and in the final comments section explain your refusal. A suggested statement is:

‘I refuse to complete this survey because I am opposed to tuition fees in any form and to the commodification of education. I am a student, not a ‘consumer’. Consultation at this stage is a mockery, given that our institutions are being profoundly affected by cuts and marketisation locally and nationally.’

How do we spread the word?

1. Link to this post where you can.
2. Message your friends and make the boycott your facebook status
3. Ask lecturers to let you talk to classes and lectures
4. Comment on the NSS on the university intranet

Notts Students Against Fees and Cuts

Action for the 24th Jan – 5th Feb

Monday, 24th January: National Day of Protest Against Benefits Cuts
National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts: Day 2
Protest Against Benefits Cuts Nottingham

Monday, 24th January: Notts SOS Organising Meeting
19:30 ICC, Mansfield Road

Wednesday, 26th January: National Walkout
Mass flyering of colleges for the demo on the 29th
Organised by Dan, Marcus, George

Wednesday, 26th January: UCU forum
Nottingham Uni, Portland Building C11 1pm-3pm.
See our post here for more details

Wednesday, 26th January: Banner making
Joint banner making for the demos on the 29th and UK Uncut on the 30th: 18:00, email for location
Meeting beforehand to finalise plans for the weekend.

Saturday, 29th January: National Day of Action (London and Manchester)
London demo
Manchester demo

Coach to London: £7 unwaged/£15 waged, contact Matthew Vicary on 07849 392 842
Coach to Manchester: UCU is organising a free coach

Sunday, 30th January: UK Uncut Day of Action
Notts Uncut event

Tuesday, 1st February: Student Shopping Night at Victoria Centre
Facebook event

Saturday, 5th February: National Read-In
National Read-In event
Events being organized in Nottingham as well

Saturday, 5th February: Counter protest EDL in Luton
A coach is being organised, details to be confirmed

EMA demo makes ITV Central Tonight

Watch us at the link (can’t embed, sorry)

And us on the front page of the Nottingham Evening Post! (click image for bigness & transcript under the cut)

Newspaper article of EMA demo

Continue reading

Second day of EMA action – 19th Jan

In the face of last week’s amazing protest and others like it up and down the country the CONDEMs postponed their vote on scrapping the EMA. They’ll be back to try it again this Wednesday and we need to be back out in force.

Just like last week, meet in the square at 4:30pm to show our commitment that education is for all, not just the rich.

Please note the change of time (due to FE students’ exams) – 4:30pm not 3pm

UCU forum

The local UCU committee of Nottingham University will hold an Open Forum of Further and Higher Education institutions in the wider area of Nottingham. The purpose of this event is twofold. First, we intend to debate the wider implications of cut-backs to education in the UK, facilitated by a short input by one of our colleagues. Second, we would like to bring together representatives and speakers from trade unions as well as student groups representing various further education colleges and universities in the local area. These representatives will provide brief three to five minutes inputs about the specific challenges they face in their particular institution as well as reflect on possible joint strategies at the local and regional level. Ideally this will result in a broader network with the objective to ensure that resistance activities are co-ordinated across further and higher education institutions across the region.

It’s going to be on the 26th January at Nottingham Uni, Portland Building C11 1pm-3pm.

more photos from the EMA demo

Big thanks to Alan Lodge for letting us use his photos. More of his photos can be seen at the Nottingham Indymedia article.

group of NSAFC demonstrators group of NSAFC demonstrators Demonstrators holding placards and marching around the city centre demonstrators behind a large "Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts" banner and marching around town Demonstrators holding placards outside Tory HQ Demonstrators behind a large "Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts" banner outside a closed Vodaphone Demonstrators having a sit-in in a Vodaphone shop

Successful EMA demo and sit-in

Over one hundred students walked out of lessons today in order to protest the proposed withdrawal of Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA). Students from colleges and further education establishments from all over Nottingham staged walkouts and congregated in Market Square for a protest brimming with passion, defiance and purpose. After a number of speeches made by college students and supporters from the local area, protesters set off on a march around the square, targeting tax avoiders Vodafone and Boots in an effort to highlight their role in the current financial crisis and the coalition government’s program of cuts.

Moving onto the Conservative Party Headquarters to voice their anger, the protesters encountered the heavy-handed police response to such public protests first hand as one student was grabbed, detained and arrested outside Tory HQ. As protesters demonstrated for his release, the detained student was sneaked out of the rear of the building and taken to Bridwell police station. Upon realising this, the protesters made the move toward the police station. En route the protest marched through a Boots store and forced the closure of a Vodafone store in the Victoria shopping centre, before staging a thirty-minute sit-down in a third Vodafone store. Under a greater police presence they continued their march to their final destination of Bridwell police station, offering solidarity and support for the arrested student. After a number of hours, the detained student was released with a fixed penalty punishment.

This successful attempt to highlight and protest the removal of EMA was met with wide support from the local community and emphasised the range of protesters campaigning against Government cuts, with university students, further education students, unions and local campaign groups uniting against the disastrous policies of the ConDem government. With many events and protests taking place over the coming weeks and months, the fight against imposed austerity will continue to grow and develop. Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts will continue to support struggles against government cuts in Nottingham and across the country.

EMA demo photos

Photos from today’s EMA demo in Nottingham.

Sit-in at a Vodaphone shop:
Protesters sitting down on Vodaphone floor Protesters sitting in Vodaphone Protesters holding a large Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts banner outside a closed Vodaphone shop

Followed by a visit to Nottingham Conservative HQ:

This protest was also covered by ITV Central (link to news section on us).

EMA banner making

We had our banner making session today in preparation for the EMA demo on Tuesday.  We’ve got some great banners and placards – nice work people.

Upcoming events – January 2011 and beyond!

If we carry on with the determination, passion and organisation we showed in 2010, this exciting new student movement will defeat the government’s vicious planned attacks on education and public services in 2011! Upcoming events we’d love to see you at!

Tuesday 11th Jan – The government votes on scrapping the EMA! We need people to get involved in organising walk-outs and demos in colleges and schools across Nottingham! Notts facebook event here and more info about what’s happening nationally here

Saturday 15th Jan – Nottingham Save Our Services “Combating the Cuts” Conference. Details here and students are organising a day of action against the scrapping of the EMA, details up soon!

Saturday 29th Jan – National London Demo against fees, cuts and the scrapping of the EMA! Called by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFAC), details here

Saturday 26th March – TUC (Trade Union Congress) National Demonstration, London. This should be MASSIVE (some commentators are saying one million people will turn up!) Details from the TUC website here