Boycott the National Student Survey

Dear students,

We are asking that all eligible HE students boycott the National Student Survey by ‘spoiling’ their results.


Universities’ financial income and application rates are heavily affected by the results of the survey. Also, the completion of satisfaction surveys puts us in a role we refuse – that of customer. Our profound and voiced disagreement with the current direction that education is taking – in terms of fees, cuts and commodification – has been ignored so a strategy needs to be tried that is public and hits their pocket.


Complete the survey giving all neutral results and in the final comments section explain your refusal. A suggested statement is:

‘I refuse to complete this survey because I am opposed to tuition fees in any form and to the commodification of education. I am a student, not a ‘consumer’. Consultation at this stage is a mockery, given that our institutions are being profoundly affected by cuts and marketisation locally and nationally.’

How do we spread the word?

1. Link to this post where you can.
2. Message your friends and make the boycott your facebook status
3. Ask lecturers to let you talk to classes and lectures
4. Comment on the NSS on the university intranet

Notts Students Against Fees and Cuts


2 responses to “Boycott the National Student Survey

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  2. Daniel Cooper

    My comment about the NSS was rejected on the UoN Portal! Censorship!

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