Media of Willetts

Protesters standing outside with a banner reading "dumb and dumber: Cameron and Clegg" Protesters with banner with security in yellow hi-vis jackets Protesters holding the banner and security standing outside in the dark Protesters outside in the dark with a banner reading "cut carbon, not education" Security in yellow hi-vis jackets standing in front of protesters and blocking them from view

We also have video of David Willetts explaining the progressive nature of the raised tuition fees:

Here’s a quick and dirty transcript of the video:

Willetts: women on average earn less than men which is
Protester: yeah…what’re we…what’re…let’s cut that
Willetts: let’s just stick on that point for one moment. As er women earn less than men, and as these changes are actually quite progressive in that people earning less than £21,000 do not pay back at all, the evaluations show that it is men who are going to pay back more than women. Men are in the c… I mean in some ways it’s a bad reflection on the distribution of earning in our society, but there’ll be a lot of women who during their working lives never have to pay back
Protester: oh, great
Willetts: it’ll only be written off because they will never be in the [indistinct] they can pay off
Protester: I disagree
Protester: but don’t you think it’s stupid
Protester: I feel like I don’t… I want to be a social worker… I’m training to be a social worker and if I don’t become a social worker I don’t have to pay it back but so that’s brilliant for me maybe I won’t have to pay it back
Willetts: no
Protester: but [indistinct] lost out – society don’t get a social worker then
Willetts: but that’s what makes this so progressive, just like if you’re in jobs you pay

Good to see we’ve got that one cleared up.


4 responses to “Media of Willetts

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  2. Women earn more than men in the UK, until late 20s when they start to prioritise other things. The whole ‘women earn less’ thing is a feminist myth created by manipulating the statistics.

  3. I agree, by manipulating the statistics around women in the workplace who work the same or similar jobs to men yet still get paid less, combined with their denial of the unsupported assertion that unlike men, women in their late 20s concern themselves more with other things (by which I assume you mean ‘babies and husbands and wallpaper and daytime TV’) rather than trying to earn a living wage, those damn feminist have runed it for everyone. You can prove anything with facts can’t you Paulo?

  4. Erm…Paulo, did you stop to consider that it’s perhaps not women that ‘start to prioritise other things’ in their 20s, but that they are forced by social norms and inflexible employers to be the main carers for families (which I assume is what you’re coyly referring to by ‘other things’)? Most women have a lot less choice than you assume.

    There are other reasons for the pay gap that to be honest you can look up yourself on the Fawcett Society site or books by Kat Banyard and Catherine Redfern because I have better things to be doing, but I will point out a contradiction within your thinking before I go.

    You say that women earn more than men until their late 20s and then leave the workplace, or go to lower-paid jobs. If women are earning more, they must be doing something useful. To have them simply fall off the map is a massive waste of potential, not just for the women and their families, but for the economy. A better conclusion of your argument would be to argue for flexible working and the elimination of prejudice, not to simply accept it as fact and belittle women for their ‘choice’.

    I can’t believe I’m having to argue about the gender pay gap AGAIN on a thread that should be about the unjust rise in fees and David Willett’s stupid behaviour. No more derailing please!

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