Snippet from Notts Uncut at Natwest

Police: You can’t protest because it’s private property and you’re disrupting people’s day.
Protesters: Natwest is owned by RBS, RBS is 84% owned by the public, so that technically means it’s public property. We’re not obstructing people’s use of the bank, we’re just stressing the point of high bankers’ bonuses after bankers have published losses in the past financial year and public services are being cut.
Police: Oh. Fair enough.

More to come!


One response to “Snippet from Notts Uncut at Natwest

  1. Another example of the fearsome wit and intellect displayed by the uniformed services during the post Natwest mini protest in Boots.

    Police: we’d like you to leave the store now.
    Protester: fair enough but the manager of Boots and yourselves have told us that we can’t move off the steps into the shop and the Victoria Centre security behind us are saying that we can’t exit the store into the shopping centre, so we’ve got a bit of a problem haven’t we?
    Police: yes we’d like you to leave
    Protester: Hmm ok, we can’t go through the shop and we can’t go through the shopping centre so …….
    Police: well the shopping centre is private property so they can refuse you entry
    Protester: understood but how exactly would you like us to leave (considering teleport by this point!)
    Police: yes we’re asking you to leave
    Protester: tell you what, we’ll just hang around here while you have a think about it.

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