Notts Students Support UCU Strike


of Nottingham University / NTU and the UCU groups on strike nationwide. We stand with staff members in their attempt to defend their pension schemes from the cuts that are being imposed and which will have a drastic detrimental effect on the education sector and thus society as a whole. These cuts affect our community, students and staff alike, as they threaten not only jobs but educational establishments, irreparably damaging the overall value and quality of education.

We recognise the intrinsic links between the cause of the staff and our own as students. Therefore, we fully support staff opposition to:

–The proposed cut in salaries and further erosion of conditions;
–The cuts to the teaching budgets which will doubtlessly have a detrimental
impact on education, particularly in the social sciences, arts and humanities;
–The 300% increase in tuition fees which is in effect transferring the cost of
education to students and burdening our generation with a lifetime of debt,
–The cuts to the EMA – a vital lifeline to many marginalised and non-traditional
students who otherwise couldn’t continue with education,
–The further marketisation of education including attempts by the
ConDem government to redirect funding to research areas which are
perceived to make a short-term economic impact.

It is also critical to call attention to:

–The disproportional effects these austerity measures will have on youth
and women, both students and staff
–The likelihood that University resources supporting graduates will be first cut,
perpetuating high graduate unemployment
–The elimination of routes to academic employment for post-graduate students
–The erosion of support for adult education learning grants and programmes as well as those for English for Speakers of other Languages (ESoL)
–The way in which the cuts will hinder students from becoming community role models by drastically reducing their extracurricular opportunities.

We see education as a right for all and a social good, key to social mobility and cohesion, and the foundation of a functional society. We deem these measures an ideological attack on the majority of society and urge all students to support UCU nationwide in their strike actions and on the picket lines.


4 responses to “Notts Students Support UCU Strike

  1. This is brilliant! Keep up the fight!

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