Response to Fee Increase

Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts are not surprised with the University of Nottingham’s unjustified and elitist decision to treble fees to £9,000 but our anger and disappointment has dramatically increased. The unrealistically optimistic statement from the vice-chancellor suggests attending university will still be “free at the point of entry.” Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts would like to remind the VC that university is not free.

We see through your euphemisms Mr Greenway!

Condemning future generations to a life time of debt is an economically disastrous and socially unfair policy that NSAFC is dedicated to resisting.

We believe that free education is a right and that the attacks on education are ideologically-motivated. We reject the con-demned coalition’s disingenuous justifications for slashing public services and commodifying education while also cutting tax for the super rich and turning a blind eye to corporate tax avoidance. We do not believe politicians who tell us we cannot afford to keep libraries and hospitals open but who continue to find billions of pounds to fund Trident nuclear weapons programme and wars for oil.

The students of today will not be lied to, we will not be tricked. With the global financial recession, we see the cracks in this unsustainable system and as it crumbles this generation has decided to build a fairer, more just society for all.

No cuts! No fees!

See you at our next event!



Administrate This! 19th of April


On April the 18th -20th the Association of University Administrators will be meeting in Nottingham to discuss the future of Higher Education in the UK. As the government’s plans to lift the cap on tuition fees to £9000 is exploited by a cartel of administrations to monopolise high-end university education, the minister for universities, David Willetts, keynote speaker at the AUA conference, reassures us that the cuts in funding and the raises in fees will be ‘progressive’. The same ‘Honourable Gentleman’ tries to divide us by blaming women’s struggle for equality for the problems that big business and career politicians have created for working-class men. In order to defend and advance the cause of education in this country over business managers and privilege, and to show that we won’t be divided by patriarchal logic, we invite you to the following:


Meet at the Lakeside Arts Centre, University Of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD at 12:00 on the 19th of April.

We will march on the conference to challenge David Willetts’ destructive policies and patriarchal logic, and those who enable the savage cuts and fees he promotes. There will be a feminist bloc.

Bring placards, banners, and the noise. Speakers from anti-cuts campaigns across the country and Women Against Cuts TBA


As a response to a conference which charges at minimum £99 for one day’s access, we will be hosting a free camp at a location (to be disclosed nearer the time) near the conference in Nottingham. Join us in camping over- bring a tent and camping equipment with you!

The camp will last from the 19th-20th and hold workshops and discussions with activists and academics on the topics including:


Gender and The Cuts

Zombie Universities

Protest Tactics, Strategies, and Direct Action

Capitalism and Beyond

There will also be food, a kids space, music, performance, and art!

At the AUA conference, Willetts will speak to an audience of Vice-Chancellors, Registrars and other administrative staff and encourage them to support his policies. These are the same staff who blithely cut departments, intimidate lower-paid academic staff, and exploit support workers in the name of the cuts. Yet vice-chancellors and management refuse to take a cut in salary, despite earning well over £150,000 a year. It is not a question of whether one or many wolves tear apart education, whether the government or the university administrations promote cuts and commercialization, it is a matter of us building alternatives and taking action.

If you have any queries, need a place to stay beforehand, or other support, please contact Nottingham Students against Fees and Cuts:


(#adminthis #april19)

Facebook Event:


See you there,

Nottingham Students against Fees and Cuts

Nottingham Students Rally For UCU and ESOL

Today was a beautiful day for Nottingham students supporting the UCU (University and College Union) striking workers AND opposing the cuts to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.  Dedicated NSAFC members started the day at 7:30AM on the picket lines at each entrance of Nottingham University, informing and encouraging students and staff to not cross the line.  We joined strikers, excellent speakers and other supporters in large numbers for a late morning rally in Market Square in the sunshine.  Later on in the afternoon we supported approximately two hundred ESOL teachers and students for a rally against the cuts to ESOL classes.  Photos of both actions are in the slideshow below.

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Notts Students Support UCU Strike


of Nottingham University / NTU and the UCU groups on strike nationwide. We stand with staff members in their attempt to defend their pension schemes from the cuts that are being imposed and which will have a drastic detrimental effect on the education sector and thus society as a whole. These cuts affect our community, students and staff alike, as they threaten not only jobs but educational establishments, irreparably damaging the overall value and quality of education.

We recognise the intrinsic links between the cause of the staff and our own as students. Therefore, we fully support staff opposition to:

–The proposed cut in salaries and further erosion of conditions;
–The cuts to the teaching budgets which will doubtlessly have a detrimental
impact on education, particularly in the social sciences, arts and humanities;
–The 300% increase in tuition fees which is in effect transferring the cost of
education to students and burdening our generation with a lifetime of debt,
–The cuts to the EMA – a vital lifeline to many marginalised and non-traditional
students who otherwise couldn’t continue with education,
–The further marketisation of education including attempts by the
ConDem government to redirect funding to research areas which are
perceived to make a short-term economic impact.

It is also critical to call attention to:

–The disproportional effects these austerity measures will have on youth
and women, both students and staff
–The likelihood that University resources supporting graduates will be first cut,
perpetuating high graduate unemployment
–The elimination of routes to academic employment for post-graduate students
–The erosion of support for adult education learning grants and programmes as well as those for English for Speakers of other Languages (ESoL)
–The way in which the cuts will hinder students from becoming community role models by drastically reducing their extracurricular opportunities.

We see education as a right for all and a social good, key to social mobility and cohesion, and the foundation of a functional society. We deem these measures an ideological attack on the majority of society and urge all students to support UCU nationwide in their strike actions and on the picket lines.

“Make Music, Not Cuts” Is a Hit!

Our Make Music, Not Cuts fundraiser was a big hit! We raised over £330 from the support of an amazing Notts community. Subtract the venue fees, and we earned £270! THANK YOU to ALL THE ARTISTS, VOLUNTEERS, VENUE STAFF and AUDIENCE MEMBERS who made last night a huge success.

Photos of the event below.

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Education Strikes Back! Teach-ins 14 & 16 March

Education Strikes Back Teach-Ins

Make Music, Not Cuts – 17 March @ The Maze

Make Music, Not Cuts!